Remote Sensing

AER is both a pioneer and a highly regarded authority on the development and use of remote sensing in weather, climate and the environment. We are among the very few organizations in the world with expertise spanning the complete spectrum, from the shortest (ultraviolet) to the longest (microwave) wavelengths. Our radiative transfer models provide de facto standards used throughout the international community.

AER’s status as a global leader in remote sensing is the result of more than 30 years of work on critical missions for the U.S. government.  Today, with data from satellite-borne orbiting sensors, we can closely observe the state of the land surface, atmosphere and oceans, enabling us to:

  • Develop historical statistical trends and climatology (hindcasting)
  • Measure the current state of the environment (nowcasting)
  • Predict future states by initializing climate and weather models (forecasting)

This information is invaluable to governments and companies for risk decision-making, analysis and management.

Around the world, AER is the go-to source for:

AER experts' activities span the full range of remote sensing needs:

  • Developing algorithms to convert sensor measurements to value-added environmental data
  • Collecting real-time satellite and radar data for testing and validation
  • Simulating what sensors "see" with computer models operating on vast global geophysical data sets
  • Helping transition the science algorithms we develop to operational applications

These capabilities enable us to provide extraordinary value to clients in both the public and private sectors.