Risk Analysis

Weather, climate and environmental conditions have the power to disrupt or compromise critical missions, operations and business activities.  The impacts and costs can be catastrophic.  Atmospheric and Environmental Research (AER) brings a unique depth of insight into risk management by providing specific analysis of the weather, climate and environmental risk factors.  In many instances, we have enabled clients to turn risks into opportunities.

We interpret weather and climate information so that our clients can plan better, manage their operations better and keep risk to a minimum.  Our risk analysis expertise spans many domains, including:

  • Environmental monitoring of the Earth's land, water and atmospheric resources
  • Gauging weather impacts on people, infrastructure, property and agriculture
  • Performing catastrophic damage assessments in the aftermath of hurricanes, wildfires, floods and more
  • Estimating the economic impact of weather-related events
  • Conducting global change assessment and risk management studies

Many clients rely on AER to leverage our skills in remote sensing and imagery analysis to:

  • Provide estimates of risk from weather events or atmospheric impacts
  • Better understand climate change and how to incorporate risk scenarios
  • Forecast hurricanes better and provide earlier, more accurate warnings that can save lives and protect property
  • Identify the risk of wildfires to property and structures

In a world where extreme weather is on the rise, AER provides the best means available to anticipate and mitigate the risks posed by weather, climate and environmental factors.