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Blackout Risk Forecasting: HSB and AER will develop tech tool to forecast blackouts

Robin Luo, Vice President of HSB

Electrical blackouts are on the rise in the US, costing businesses and consumers more than $100 billion annually and inconveniencing millions of people. But so far insurers, companies, municipalities, government agencies and other organizations lack a widely available and dependable tool to calculate the financial consequences.

Understand and assess blackout risks

Solar Storm Risk to the North Am. Electric Grid

Nicole Homeier and Lisa Wei

Lloyds and AER published a ground-breaking study of solar storm risk to the electric grid in North America.

The Space Weather Study by Lloyds and AER analyzes the likelihood of extreme geomagnetic storms, the specific vulnerabilities of the North American power grid, the regions at highest risk and the implications for the insurance industry and society generally.

Proactively Monitoring Wildfires in the West

Dr. Arindam Samanta, FireLine Operations Manager/Scientist

The 2013 wildfire season in the western United States is looking to be a difficult one, fueled by a combination of factors, including a drier-than-normal preceding winter, generally drier vegetative fuels, and warmer current conditions. In addition, projections of higher temperatures and lower-than-normal precipitation this summer raise the prospects of what could become an intense wildfire season.

AER experts share their knowledge on weather-related perils

To assist insurance carriers and restoration service providers with resilience to weather-related perils, experts from Atmospheric and Environmental Research (AER), will present a web seminar on:

Climate Change Business Journal Awards AER for Renewable Power Innovations

Brenda Kelly

AER will be awarded with the Business Achievement Award in the in low carbon and renewable power category at the 2012 Environmental Business Journal awards March 6-8, 2013.

AER Respond upgrade for 2013 hail season

William Ramstrom

Hail-related damage is a significant cause of loss and also an opportunity to improve policyholder satisfaction.

Today’s upgrade to AER Respond™ provides a 15% improvement in the ability to validate hail claims. See the press release for testimonials from carriers, service providers, manufacturers, and insurance industry.

These upgrades enable customers to prepare for the upcoming hail season and are available in our near-real-time AER Respond and historical AER BenchmarkTM products.

AER Northeast Blizzard of 2013 Post-Storm Analysis

Dr. Jason Furtado

The Blizzard of 2013 will most certainly be a standout storm for many years to come. The setup and development of the storm was nearly textbook-like, with the phasing of two systems and cold-air damming established with an Arctic high over Québec. Like many big Northeast snowstorms, this storm was also well forecasted, and public preparedness and awareness was notably high in the days leading up to the storm. This latter aspect was a huge factor in limiting injuries and casualties throughout the region.