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Canadian insurers discuss emerging risk of electric grid vulnerability from space weather at NICC

Kyle Beatty

SwissRe and AER focus on space weather, grid infrastructure risk and the amount of exposure in today’s electricity-dependent society. For example, a very strong geomagnetic storm in 1989, caused a nine-hour power outage over the whole province of Quebec.

AER Scientist's Ground Breaking Research Highlighted by GRL

Natasha Gilson

Dr. Eli Mlawer's research Ground-based high spectral resolution observations of the entire terrestrial spectrum under extremely dry conditions published in the AGU's Geophysical Research Letters in May was selected as an Editors’ Highlight choice.

Joy Rohde discusses Solar Storms effects on electricity distribution insurers

Brenda Kelly, AER

Joy Rohde, Director of Market Strategy at AER, presents "Solar Storms: Protecting Against the Sun's 'Dark Side'" at The MEARIE Conference 2012 in Minett, Ontario at 8:35am on Wednesday, June 27th.

The MEARIE Group is the only Canadian insurance supplier dedicated to the electricity distribution sector.




2012: The Year Without a Winter, Back to the Future?

Dr. Judah Cohen

A hot topic of conversation this past winter was how mild and snowless this winter has been, especially compared to the past two winters along the Eastern Seaboard. And the mild winter certainly had people asking: is this what we can now expect from global warming?

AER congratulates Meteorologist Harvey Leonard on his 35-year Anniversary

Natasha Gilson

AER has been closely working with Harvey Leonard, a meteorologist for WCVB TV 5 of Boston, reporting on AER’s seasonal forecasts. Today is Mr. Leonard’s 35th Anniversary of broadcasting with Channel 5.

Recently Mr. Leonard has had multiple interviews with Dr. Judah Cohen on them. Later this May Mr. Leonard will be interviewing Dr. Cohen for this summers seasonal forecast. Continue to check our website on updates. Below are links to various articles done by Mr. Leonard.

Dr. Judah Cohen visiting UK Met Office/Hadley Centre in Exeter

Judah Cohen

Five meteorology talks in 4 countries in 2.5 weeks. Dr. Cohen’s “great capitals of the world” tour.

Space Weather Effects on Insurance Risk Management

Kyle Beatty

With society's increasing reliance on the electrical grid, space weather events such as severe solar storms can wreak havoc on the electric power supply and trigger losses from business interruption and damaged physical assets.

My recent conversation with Verisk Review covers the impact of space weather events, the financial consequences to insurers, and steps insurers can take to manage and evaluate their exposure.

We discussed:

Dr. Ross Hoffman is recognized by AMS

Natasha Gilson

The American Meteorological Society recognized Dr. Ross Hoffman with an Editor’s Award for Weather, Climate and Society at the 2012 AMS Meeting. He received this award for his careful, wide-ranging and thoughtful reviews of difficult manuscripts.

To read Dr. Hoffman’s full bio click here.

AER has 3 Top downloaded research articles

Natasha Gilson

AER is proud to recognize its 3rd research paper that’s achieved top most downloaded article this year published in a peer-reviewed journal. Asymmetric seasonal temperature trends published in Geophysical Research Letters is the 2nd article published by Dr. Judah Cohen and Dr. Jason Furtado et al., that has been in the top downloaded articles this year.