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New Insight into Hail Damage and Questionable Claims

Brenda Kelly, VP Strategic Communications, AER

Insurers investigating questionable hail claims will learn insights from State Farm and AER on March 21, at the Insurance Fraud Management Conference. New weather analytics technology combined with policy locations provide faster, more accurate assessments of whether a hail storm damage claim should be approved or requires additional investigation.

Summer Energy Demand Will Trend Higher

Mark Leidner, Staff Scientist, AER

Increasing demand for energy in the summer will continue to outpace the growth of winter energy use. In results presented by AER today at the Second AMS Conference on Weather, Climate, and the New Economy, the analysis of primary energy consumption in the US over the last 38 years shows the peak in summer energy demand has grown steadily since the 1970's, and is now nearly comparable to the peak energy demand in winter.

The Other Big One

Jim Loveland, Xactware President and CEO

One of the big stories of late 2010 and early 2011 is the weather. We're sharing this Jan. 19 post from Jim Loveland's blog.

Climate Risk Panel Attended by 200 Insurance Executives

Brenda Kelly, VP, Strategic Communications

AER and two of the largest reinsurance firms, Willis and Zurich Financial Services, outlined opportunities in managing weather and climate risk for 200 insurance executives.

In the current environment of increasingly volatile weather, property & casualty insurers are adopting the latest climate risk management approaches to improve financial performance – for their own and their clients’ businesses.

Predicting Future Energy Consumption

Dr. Judah Cohen, Principal Scientist and Director of Seasonal Forecasting

Not only are greenhouse gases a major force that is driving global warming, but their impacts on temperature change is also now known to be greater than initially thought. On top of that, annual global temperatures are continuing to accelerate.  We have determined that, based on the average of a set of complex atmospheric model projections, the temperature will increase in the United States in each of its regions throughout the first half of the twenty-first century in both winter and summer.

Weather and the Economy

Paul Walsh, Sr. VP, Business Solutions

As the year-end approaches, organizations review fiscal results and examine underlying trends. Senior executives are analyzing opportunity and risk scenarios as they plan for the months and years ahead. Regardless of industry, there is a major economic factor that impacts all commercial activities. Weather.