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NSF website features AER research on worst-case “exigent” weather forecasting

Daniel Gombos

Research performed by AER scientists Dr. Daniel Gombos and Dr. Ross Hoffman is featured on the NSF Science, Engineering, and Education (SEE) innovation website.

AER Recognized by Northrop Grumman for Supplier Excellence

Brenda Kelly

AER has received a highly coveted Supplier Excellence Award from Northrop Grumman Corporation’s Information Systems (NGIS) sector for technical innovation and quality products and services.

AER was recognized for its work on the System Engineering Maintenance and Sustainment (SEMS) II program at the U.S. Air Force Weather Agency, the largest supplier of terrestrial and space weather data for military users worldwide.

33 AER scientists contribute 28 research studies at AGU Fall Meeting 2013

Eli Mlawer

AER is proud that 10 of our scientists were the lead authors presenting their research on a wide range of topics at the American Geophysical Union (AGU) annual Fall meeting. In all, 33 AER scientists contributed to 28 research studies in 7 science categories ranging from greenhouse gases to land surface processes to space weather.

AER scientists at the cutting edge of GHG research

Janusz Eluszkiewicz

AER scientists involved in greenhouse gas (GHG) research, Janusz Eluszkiewicz and Thomas Nehrkorn, are co-authors of a Harvard-led study "Anthropogenic emissions of methane in the United States" just published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) and receiving considerable attention worldwide for its conclusion that methane emissions in the U.S. are significantly greater than previous estimates.

15 Research Studies by AER Scientists Cited in IPCC WG1 AR5 Report on Climate Change

Ron Isaacs

When the U.N.’s IPCC released the WG-1 AR5 report, we were proud to see the breadth of research by AER scientists cited in the report. It’s an indication that AER scientists have helped advance the scientific discourse about the Earth’s climate by providing research covering a broad range of topics from the ocean depths to the top of the atmosphere.

Energy Traders Alert: AER’s Winter forecast coming out in one month

Joy Rohde

Have you looked at AER’s energy forecasts lately? If not, you might want to take another look.

Seasonal Forecast - Our highly accurate seasonal and sub-seasonal forecasts have earned their reputation as a go-to source for traders. AER’s winter forecast will be released in a month, and we've nailed it the last 3 years running – we don't think it's luck. Will you be taking advantage of our insights?

Hurricane Isaac Rewind video

Kyle Beatty

AER Respond for Hurricane Isaac Rewind

All eyes were on the Gulf Coast last week as Hurricane Isaac approached land, the impacts of Katrina and Ike still fresh in the minds of citizens and businesses alike. Fortunately, Isaac proved to have a less severe impact than many had anticipated, but AER Respond™ for Hurricane helped businesses and insurers prepare for the potential risks, offering companies the opportunity to precisely quantify the anticipated impact Isaac would have to individual physical assets and their markets of interest.

Telvent Launches Solar Forecasts, Powered by AER Solance, for Generators of Utility-Scale or Distributed Solar Power

Brenda Kelly, AER

Telvent GIT, S.A., announced today that it has formed a strategic alliance with Atmospheric and Environmental Research (AER) to provide the industry’s most advanced solar forecasts to generators and distributors of solar power. Telvent’s highly accurate solar irradiance forecasts — powered by AER™ Solance™ technology — incorporate cloud cover forecasts based on real-time satellite imagery, providing utilities with critical insights into fluctuations in supply.

AER is Changing and Growing

Ron Isaacs, President and CEO

With great pleasure, I want to thank our co founder, President and CEO, Cecilia Sze, for 35 years of service; and going forward, she is our SVP of Finance and Administration. Last week I assumed the role of President and CEO.

AER is Changing and Growing

AER’s science and business leaders are providing our traditional customers and partners with exceptional environmental R&D, and our expanded commercial clients with new innovations in weather risk management and analytics. You may know several individuals we promoted to new leadership positions:

Early Warning System: Tracking Weather To Improve Claims Handling

PIR Conference

New weather tracking and analysis tools enable insurers to respond better -- to more intelligently manage their claims resources and more skillfully establish loss reserves, according to Kyle Beatty, AER VP of Business solutions, who spoke at the Property Insurance Report national conference.

In the general session, "Early Warning System: Tracking Weather To Improve Claims Handling", Beatty discussed new information tools that are enabling insurers to know about storms as they are forming and happening in real time.