American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting

Guy Seeley

Scientists from AER are contributing 11 presentations and posters at the American Meteorological Society (AMS) Annual Meeting, January 23-26, 2012, in New Orleans, LA, USA.

Research topic areas addressed by our presentations throughout the 5-day event cover:

AER is Changing and Growing

Ron Isaacs, President and CEO

With great pleasure, I want to thank our co founder, President and CEO, Cecilia Sze, for 35 years of service; and going forward, she is our SVP of Finance and Administration. Last week I assumed the role of President and CEO.

AER is Changing and Growing

AER’s science and business leaders are providing our traditional customers and partners with exceptional environmental R&D, and our expanded commercial clients with new innovations in weather risk management and analytics. You may know several individuals we promoted to new leadership positions:

AER scientist gives invited talk at the AGU Fall Meeting 2011

Nadya Vinogradova

I gave two talks at the 2011 AGU Fall Meeting-- one was invited and one contribution. Both talks were well received by "the world’s largest gathering of Earth and space scientists" of 21,000 attendees and were followed by interesting discussions.

I was also invited to serve as a judge in the Outstanding Student Paper Award, which brought up fond memories of my own wins a few years ago.

AER at American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting 2011

8 Atmospheric and Environmental Research scientists are presenting over 20 posters covering research from "the mud to the sun" throughout the 5-day American Geophysical Union's Fall meeting. View the research highlights by AER scientists at this year's meeting.

Early Warning System: Tracking Weather To Improve Claims Handling

PIR Conference

New weather tracking and analysis tools enable insurers to respond better -- to more intelligently manage their claims resources and more skillfully establish loss reserves, according to Kyle Beatty, AER VP of Business solutions, who spoke at the Property Insurance Report national conference.

In the general session, "Early Warning System: Tracking Weather To Improve Claims Handling", Beatty discussed new information tools that are enabling insurers to know about storms as they are forming and happening in real time.

Snow Advance Index: A New Tool for Predicting Winter’s Severity

Judah Cohen, PhD

Snow Advance Index: A New Tool for Predicting Winter’s Severity

Researchers at AER have developed a new Snow Advance Index that could greatly improve the accuracy of winter seasonal forecasts. Based on research and testing, this index for the first time can accurately predict the severity of the upcoming winter. What makes this discovery so significant is that advances in seasonal forecasting have remained elusive, and for much of the United States seasonal forecasts are no more accurate today then they were decades ago.

The State of Solar Power Forecasting: Telvent DTN and AER webinar

Kyle Beatty

Utilities in North America will learn the current state of solar power forecasts, what innovations can be expected in the future, and how utilities are benefiting from these solutions to better meet the demands of the Smart Grid.

Kyle Beatty, AER VP Business Solutions, will discuss the state of solar power forecasting during Telvent’s Smart Grid Online Seminar Series, on Nov. 9, 2011.

Air Force Research Lab awarded Dr. Robert Morris with Outstanding Civilian Career Service Award

The Air Force Research Lab (AFRL) awarded AER Vice President of Space Weather and Principal Scientist, Dr. Robert Morris, with the Outstanding Civilian Career Service award on September 28, 2011.

Dr. Morris was awarded with the Outstanding Civilian Career Service Award (OCCSA) for his accomplishments in plasma chemistry of the ionosphere, atmospheric reentry, and combustion chemistry, along with his leadership contributions to AFRL branches and divisions.

John M. Henderson Designated as a Certified Consulting Meteorologist

John M. Henderson, AER Staff Scientist

AER Staff Scientist John M. Henderson has earned the Certified Consulting Meteorologist (CCM) designation by the American Meteorology Society (AMS).