NOAA and AER team to help insurance industry anticipate hail damage

Brenda Kelly, AER

Storm-related damage is a growing problem for insurance carriers and their customers, and can lead to increased costs. Now, new technology enables insurance carriers to proactively manage the effects of hail and wind on their business. Claims teams are employing RespondTM analysis service for natural hazards to improve customer service through faster cycle times and reduce loss adjustment expense within hours after a storm.

Solar forecasting and cloud observations for NREL workshop

Ned Snell, Senior Staff Scientist & VP, Remote Sensing

To do solar forecasting well requires the ability to model the impacts of clouds. Different cloud types impact the amount of energy produced by a solar farm in significant ways...whether it's a haze in the sky, fog near the ground, or thick cumulus clouds that cause dark shadows and block more solar radiation, to name a few. Thus a skilled solar forecast should consider solar irradiance and transfer.

NOAA Deputy Administrator Says Satellite Programs Key to Saving Lives, Lessening Economic Impact of Severe Weather

AER Goes-R Team

Dr. Kathryn Sullivan, assistant secretary of commerce for environmental observation and prediction, and deputy administrator for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), emphasized the vital role played by  NOAA satellite programs in providing timely weather data that can save lives during severe weather.

"Our polar and geostationary satellites are the backbone of the nation's weather enterprise," said Sullivan, discussing the next generation of NOAA's Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellites (GOES). 

AER scientist gives invited talk at Royal Society meeting

Eli Mlawer, Ph.D., Senior Scientist

Just returned from presenting at the Water in the Gas Phase meeting of the Royal Society. In discussion on Water Vapour Continuum in the Earth’s Atmosphere, my remarks focused on "Determination of water vapour continuum absorption coefficients from recent observations." The scientific meeting occurred 13 - 14 June 2011 at The Kavli Royal Society International Centre in Chicheley, England.

To see the meeting program, please cut and paste this link into your browser:

Insurance companies depend on weather forecasts to help policy holders

Paul Walsh

"Insurance companies depend on weather forecasts to be ready to help their policy holders...and even grocery stocking depends on good forecasts," according to AER's Paul Walsh.

AER Renewable Energy Team Expands

Brenda Kelly, AER

AER adds capacity to help utilities and their solar and wind O&M service providers improve forecasts of renewable energy production and demand. Scott McClintock joins as director of relationship management serving utilities and renewable energy companies.

Early warning of the risks of space weather

Jim Griffin, Staff Scientist, AER

If not for a fortuitous alignment of the earth’s electromagnetic field, the sun's Valentine’s Day “gift” could have wreaked havoc on power and communications infrastructure. The geomagnetic storms that resulted were strong enough for electrical power lines to experience voltage alarms. The potential effects of space weather events are beginning to raise alarms in the re/insurance, energy, utility, communications and aviation industries.

Helping the EPA develop a better way to measure ammonia pollution by analyzing satellite data

Karen Cady-Pereira, Staff Scientist, AER

Ammonia is a trace gas that contributes to pollution. Much of the ammonia in the U.S. comes from livestock waste and fertilizer. It’s an integral part of the nitrogen cycle; but excess ammonia is associated with algae blooms and ammonia reacts with sulfate and nitric acid in the atmosphere to form fine particulate matter, a pollutant linked to respiratory ailments.

Our winter forecast accuracy and science highlighted in Andy Revkin's DotEarth blog

Brenda Kelly, AER

Andy Revkin highlights AER's winter season forecast skill plus the research behind the prediction in the post "The Far North and Wintry Weather" on his DotEarth blog for the New York Times today.

Which 9 topics will AER present at EGU?

Rui Ponte, Principal Scientist, Atmosphere, Ocean and Climate


We would like to meet with you while you’re at the European Geosciences Union (EDU) General Assembly 2011; please contact us

AER is contributing 9 presentations focused on these areas; see details on these presentations and speakers.