No industry is more vulnerable to the volatile nature of natural hazards including weather than insurance. In this challenging environment, you need the kind of peril-related business intelligence that can help you transform risk into opportunity.

Although the risks associated with severe weather are increasing, your ability to manage the risks proactively is also increasing – thanks to science and services provided by Atmospheric and Environmental Research (AER)'s sister company Verisk ClimateTM.

The key is actionable data. Most insurance companies use natural hazard data to make critical decisions, but often the data is not specific enough or easily usable. Verisk Climate provides just the relevant analytics – tailored to your requirements and in the formats you prefer – so you can take advantage immediately.

As of 2014, with Verisk Climate’s analytics and predictive modeling, your organization can:

  • Anticipate the onset of high-risk environmental conditions
  • Take proactive measures to mitigate their impact
  • React quickly to serve affected policyholders in the aftermath

That’s why more and more insurers are partnering with Verisk Climate to systematically and proactively manage  risks due to weather, wildfire, storm surge and other natural hazards.