Transform Risk into Opportunity in 3 Steps

Working closely with leading insurance companies, Atmospheric and Environmental Research (AER) has established a three-step process that enables you to analyze, quantify and mitigate the potential impact of weather and other hazards on operations and financial results. At the same time, it gives you the power to take proactive steps to exploit hazard-related business opportunities.

Working with AER, you can:

  • Inform the risk management strategy for your company and your policyholders
  • Leverage a scientific framework for strategic/scenario planning
  • Gain objective input into disclosure reporting requirements for natural hazards or climate risks
  • Advise policyholders of pending threats and proactively recommend actions they can take to minimize damage and disruption
  • Increase customer satisfaction and minimize response time by prepositioning claim teams before severe weather events

To explore how your business can benefit from our expertise, please contact us.