Business Benefits

Atmospheric and Environmental Research (AER)'s sister company Verisk ClimateTM can help insurance providers improve their financial performance and gain business benefits by enabling them to transform natural hazard risk into business opportunity.

We don’t overwhelm you with weather data volume. Instead, we provide you with targeted, relevant, location-specific event intelligence that you can leverage to make smarter decisions, reduce financial exposure and create new business opportunities.

Your organization can:

  • Improve financial results
  • Improve market penetration through better anticipation of natural hazard risks
  • Optimize risk management planning
  • Enable rate proposals based on historic weather and property profiles
  • Reduce fraudulent claims
  • Improve customer satisfaction by settling legitimate claims faster

Verisk Climate's insurance solutions can help you answer your most critical questions, including:

  • How do our claims compare to the event risk level?
  • Are there more or fewer claims than expected given the weather conditions during the period of record?
  • Given the forecast over the next 1 to 15 days, where can we expect to see the greatest increase/decrease in claims activity?
  • How early can we pre-stage our cat teams to be first on the scene?
  • How much can we reduce claims by advising policyholders to take preventive actions before approaching weather occurs?

To learn more about solutions for the insurance industry from Verisk Climate, please contact us at AER or Verisk Climate.