Products and Services for Property and Casualty Insurers

Property and casualty insurers are challenged with unprecedented uncertainty and financial risk as severe weather events become more widespread and frequent. To address this growing need, Atmospheric and Environmental Research's (AER) sister company Verisk Climate developed a new generation of natural hazard analysis and weather forecasts that enable you not just to reduce risk but to transform risk into opportunity by rethinking the impact of severe weather on your business operations.

Natural Hazard Risk Management Products and Services

Re/insurers benefit from capabilities in:

  • Custom Research and Development: gain value-add approaches tailored for your business and your customers
  • Retained Scientific Services: leverage our scientists, technologies, data and forecasts to augment your capabilities
  • Weather and Climate Analytics: correlate weather to claims activity based on historical territory-level patterns of both weather and claims
  • Forecasts and Real-time Analysis: know where, when and severity of weather events: hail, flood, hurricane, ice, tornado, winds, wildfire




Risk management & strategic planners

  • Plan for and price risks appropriately
  • Know where, when and severity before natural hazards occur
  • Custom R&D on weather, climate, wildfire, space weather or other natural hazards
  • Weather Claim Analytics and Forecasts
  • Peril analysis and risk correlation
  • Climate risk assessments
Claims and catastrophe response
  • Improve service to policyholders
  • Reduce loss adjustment expense
  • RespondTM analysis and forecast service

Claims adjusters & SIU

  • Save time
  • Reduce fraudulent claims
  • Increase customer satisfaction by verifying legitimate claims faster
  • Weather forensics reports and consultations
  • Address-specific weather data and maps of hail, lightning strikes, damaging winds and tornadoes.

Underwriters & Actuaries

  • Underwrite new business
  • Pinpoint hazards before they occur
  • High resolution data analysis derived from weather radar and satellites
  • Natural hazard history of building location using BenchmarkTM
  • Wildfire exposure risk management
  • Weather and hurricane forecasts
  • Climate change projections

Marketing &
Customer Service

  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Reduce loss adjustment expense
  • Proactively mitigate risk
  • Reduce cycle time
  • Weather event notifications

To learn more about products and services for property and casualty insurers, please contact us at AER or Verisk Climate.