Catastrophe teams use the Respond™ natural hazard analysis and forecast service to respond efficiently and accurately to natural perils and weather-related claims.

  • Reduce loss adjustment expense
  • Improve customer service and Net Promoter Score
  • Accelerate cycle times and optimize logistics
  • Receive accurate location-specific analytics integrated into the claims workflow
  • Transform Risk into Opportunity
Claims & CAT Process Benefit How
Claims Response Improve customer service 
  • Quickly and accurately anticipate resource demands
  • Place staff in the optimal locations; accelerate logistics
  • Match claim complexity with adjuster experience levels
Bulk Reserves Optimize loss reserving
  • Increase the accuracy of early-stage bulk reserves
Fraud Detection Earlier detection of fraud patterns
  • Quickly detect potentially fraudulent claims patterns
  • Validate the date of loss of each claim
  • Escalate claims earlier to SIU personnel when warranted

Natural Hazards in RespondTM

The RespondTM service includes a comprehensive suite of natural hazard measures that allow the catastrophe response team, claims operations managers and adjusters to understand precisely the potentially damaging weather conditions that occurred in a region, neighborhood or at a property address.

Manage Weather Perils Directly Within Your Claims Workflow

  • Quickly view your PIF in relation to where the weather occurred
  • Receive new data updates throughout the day