How Any Industry Can Benefit from AER Solutions

For more than 30 years, Atmospheric and Environmental Research (AER) has been providing advising businesses and governments on weather and climate risk management.

With the increasing volatility and frequency of severe weather events and the corresponding need for environmental adaptation, companies in all industries are discovering how AER weather and climate science can improve business results. For example:

Water resource detection

  • Industrial firms work with AER to detect the sources and features of surface water resources for process manufacturing.

Carbon reduction strategies

  • AER helps manufacturers and utilities analyze their carbon emissions and reduction strategies.

Business disruption from atmospheric and space weather

  • Companies use AER’s data to determine how to strengthen communications, power and navigation systems to withstand the impact of severe storms, atmospheric conditions, and solar flares and other space weather.

Climate risk analysis and disclosure

  • AER helps publicly traded corporations mitigate impacts on stock valuation that may be related to climate risk disclosure.

Weather modeling and mitigation

  • Retailers and manufacturers can ensure product availability and improve revenue with AER’s modeling of weather-related impacts and opportunities.