AER Respond upgrade for 2013 hail season

William Ramstrom
March 5, 2013

Hail-related damage is a significant cause of loss and also an opportunity to improve policyholder satisfaction.

Today’s upgrade to AER Respond™ provides a 15% improvement in the ability to validate hail claims. See the press release for testimonials from carriers, service providers, manufacturers, and insurance industry.

These upgrades enable customers to prepare for the upcoming hail season and are available in our near-real-time AER Respond and historical AER BenchmarkTM products.

As my colleague Nicole Homeier, PhD, says, “Until now, the fundamental gap in all radar interpretations of hail has been ground truth. We’ve confirmed that insurance claims data, when considered carefully to avoid bias, has proven invaluable to validate radar-based hail data. Insurance claims data can also elevate the state-of-the-art of algorithms that predict the occurrence of claims and the resulting repairs.”