American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall Meeting 2017

Bob Morris
December 1, 2017

Atmospheric and Environmental Research Inc (AER) is pleased to announce its participation in the 2017 AGU Fall Meeting in New Orleans the week of December 11. AER researchers across a number of geophysical disciplines, along with co-authors at other top research institutions, will present their work in the poster and oral papers listed below (AER authors in bold type), including research in flood mapping, physical oceanography, seasonal forecasting and climate, environmental remote sensing, air quality, and greenhouse gas transport, modeling, and monitoring.  The full scientific program for the Fall Meeting is found here:



  1. NH23E-2833 - Mapping Daily and Maximum Flood Extents at 90-m Resolution During Hurricanes Harvey and Irma Using Passive Microwave Remote Sensing; John Francis Galantowicz, Jeffrey Picton and Ben Root
  1. H21I-1606 - Mapping global surface water inundation dynamics using synergistic information from SMAP, AMSR2 and Landsat; Jinyang Du, John S. Kimball, John Francis Galantowicz, Seungbum Kim, Steven Chan, Rolf H. Reichle, Lucas A. Jones and Jennifer D. Watts
  1. NH23E-2822 - Rapid-response flood mapping during Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria by the Global Flood Partnership (GFP); Sagy Cohen, Lorenzo Alfieri, G. Robert Brakenridge, Erin Coughlan, John Francis Galantowicz, Yang Hong, Albert Kettner, Son V. Nghiem, Ana I. Prados, Roberto Rudari, Peter Salamon, Mark Trigg, Albrecht Weerts
  1. ED13F - To Know, or Not to Know - Why it is Important to Understand Both What We Know, and What We Don't Know, When Studying Our Air and Sky; Benjamin Brown-Steiner
  1. A51F-2143 - Leveraging Mechanism Simplicity and Strategic Averaging to Identify Signals from Highly Heterogeneous Spatial and Temporal Ozone Data; Benjamin Brown-Steiner, Noelle Selin, Ronald Prinn, Erwan Monier, Fernando Garcia-Menendez, Simone Tilmes, Louisa Emmons, Jean-Francois Lamarque, Philip Cameron-Smith
  1. H21I-1588 - An analysis of soil moisture and vegetation conditions during a period of rapid subseasonal oscillations between drought and pluvials over Texas during 2015; Eric Hunt, Jason Otkin, Yafang Zhang
  1. A41L-02 - Using Lagrangian Chemical Transport Modeling to Assess the Impact of Biomass Burning on Ozone and PM2.5; Alvarado, Matthew J., Chantelle R. Lonsdale, and Christopher M. Brodowski
  1. A43E-251 - Using Large-Eddy Simulation Models with Online Chemistry to Study and Parameterize the Near-Source Chemistry of Biomass-Burning Plumes; Lonsdale, C. R., C. M. Brodowski, M. J. Alvarado, J. R. Pierce, and E. R. Ramnarine
  1. A32A-07 - GreenLITE™: a novel approach for quantification of atmospheric methane concentrations, 2-D spatial distribution, and flux; Jeremy Todd Dobler, Nathan Blume, Timothy Pernini, T. Scott Zaccheo, and Michael Braun
  1. A23G-2460 - Detection and Estimation of 2-D Distributions of Greenhouse Gas Source Concentrations and Emissions over Complex Urban Environments and Industrial Sites; T. Scott Zaccheo, Timothy Pernini, Jeremy Todd Dobler, Nathan Blume and Michael Braun
  1. A23C-2349 - Impact of spectroscopic and atmospheric state knowledge on retrieved XCO2 and XCH4 column amounts from laser differential absorption spectrometer measurements; Timothy G. Pernini and T. Scott Zaccheo
  1. A13D-2104 - Enhancement and evaluation of an algorithm for atmospheric profiling continuity from Aqua to Suomi-NPP; Alan Lipton, Jean-Luc Moncet, Richard Lynch, Igor Polonsky, and Vivienne Payne
  1. A42B-04 - A Warm Arctic and Extreme Winter Weather in Northern Hemisphere Mid-Latitudes; Judah Cohen
  1. G11D-02 - Vertical land motion controls regional sea level rise patterns on the United States east coast since 1900; Christopher G. Piecuch, Peter J. Huybers, Carling Hay, Jerry X. Mitrovica, Christopher M. Little, Rui M. Ponte, and Martin Tingley
  1. A23B-2316 - Evaluation and optimization of China’s anthropogenic CO2 emissions using observations from Northern China (2005- 2009); Archana Dayalu, J. William Munger, Yuxuan Wang, Stephen Wofsy, Yu Zhao, Chris P. Nielsen, Thomas Nehrkorn, Michael B. McElroy, and Rachel Chang
  1. A23G-2456 - Quantifying point source emissions with atmospheric inversions and aircraft measurements: the Aliso Canyon natural gas leak as a tracer experiment; Sharon Gourdji, Vineet Yadav, Anna Karion, Kimberly L. Mueller, Eric A. Kort, Steve Conley, Thomas B. Ryerson, and Thomas Nehrkorn
  1. A43C-2469 - Evaluation of the consistency among in situ and remote sensing measurements of CO2 over North America using the CarbonTracker-Lagrange regional inverse modeling framework; Arlyn E. Andrews, Michael Trudeau, Lei Hu, Joshua Simon Benmergui, Marikate Ellis Mountain, Thomas Nehrkorn, Chris O’Dell, Andrew R. Jacobson, John Miller, Colm Sweeney, Huilin Chen, Felix Ploeger, and Pieter P. Tans
  1. A51M-01 - North American CO2 fluxes for 2007-2015 from NOAAs CarbonTracker-Lagrange regional inverse modeling framework; Lei Hu, Arlyn E. Andrews, Kirk W. Thoning, Thomas Nehrkorn, Marikate Ellis Mountain, Andrew R. Jacobson, Anna Michalak, Edward J. Dlugokencky, Colm Sweeney, Doug E. J. Worthy, John B. Miller, Marc Laurenz Fischer, Sebastien Biraud, Ivar R. van der Velde, Sourish Basu, and Pieter P. Tans