FireLine highlighted by NASA as an outstanding commercial application of Landsat data

Dr. Arindam Samanta
February 14, 2013

FireLineTM was highlighted as an outstanding commercial application that uses Landsat data, during a Landsat Data Continuity Mission (LDCM) pre-launch press conference. (Video link) FireLine, powered by AER technology, is the insurance industry's leading wildfire risk solution covering millions of properties in 10 western states. Verisk Analytics business unit, AER, develops FireLine using several cutting-edge proprietary technologies and data sources, including Landsat multispectral imagery. The Fireline product is updated regularly to accurately capture the changing wildfire risk landscape.

Watch the press conference video "Global Observations to Continue with New NASA Satellite" on NASAtelevision. Highlight of the Fireline product using Landsat data for the insurance industry starts at minute 14:37.

Learn more about how FireLine helps the insurance industry manage risk from wildfires.