John M. Henderson Designated as a Certified Consulting Meteorologist

John M. Henderson, AER Staff Scientist
September 2, 2011

AER Staff Scientist John M. Henderson has earned the Certified Consulting Meteorologist (CCM) designation by the American Meteorology Society (AMS).

“At AER, Mr. Henderson has supported government agencies (EPA, NASA, NOAA, Air Force Weather Agency and the Hellenic National Meteorological Service) with their meteorological needs and has special interest in weather applications and consulting services including forensics. He has published over 30 refereed papers and conference articles and is experienced in numerical weather prediction (NWP), data assimilation and applications to operational forecasting. A scientist at AER since 1997, he received his BSc. and Msc. degrees in Atmospheric Science from McGill University, Montreal, Quebec. Read more about John.

Among AER’s 85 scientists with PhDs or other advanced degrees, Mr. Henderson is the third to earn the CCM designation. Congratulations, John!

The CCM designation is issued by AMS to highly qualified meteorologists who provide research and services to a wide variety of users of weather and meteorological information, including business, industry, agriculture, and various sectors of the government. To earn the CCM credential, a meteorologist must meet stringent requirements including peer recommendations, written and oral examinations demonstrating a broad background in meteorology together with detailed knowledge in a particular field of specialization, and demonstration of quality of character and devotion to high professional standards.