Which 9 topics will AER present at EGU?

Rui Ponte, Principal Scientist, Atmosphere, Ocean and Climate
March 31, 2011


We would like to meet with you while you’re at the European Geosciences Union (EDU) General Assembly 2011; please contact us

AER is contributing 9 presentations focused on these areas; see details on these presentations and speakers.


  1. How useful was ENSO in predicting Northern Hemisphere climate anomalies over the past two winters?
  2. Attributing Climate-Scale Variability in Atlantic Ocean Heat Storage
  3. Tropospheric precursors and stratospheric warmings
  4. Impact of atmosphere/ocean models' climate scenarios on angular momentum and related EOP parameters
  5. Ensemble regression exigent analysis applied to a case of Florida citrus damage
  6. Potential for temporal aliasing in satellite-derived SSS measurements
  7. A strategy to optimize the use of retrievals in data assimilation
  8. Low-Frequency Variability in Regional Sea Level: The Roles of Advection, Diffusion and Surface Buoyancy Fluxes
  9. Model and GRACE analyses of self-attraction and loading effects on ocean mass redistribution