Validating Weather-Related Claims with AER Benchmark for XactAnalysis

Xactware Webcast (18 minutes)
March 20, 2013

AER and Xactware recently announced AER BenchmarkTM for XactAnalysisR (read the Press Release). This 18-minute Webcast explains how insurance professionals can use this new collaboration to save time and improve customer service in handling weather-related claims.

Personal lines insurers identify hail as the most significant natural peril affecting their combined ratios. U.S. thunderstorms and wind storms averaged $14.8 billion over the last five years. Now, a collaboration between Xactware and Atmospheric and Environmental Research helps claims managers and adjusters save time and improve customer service by using hail history or lightning strike reports via AER Benchmark for XactAnalysis.

In this Webcast hosted by Xactware, AER vice president Kyle Beatty and Xactware's Justin Jackman look at the data available through AER Benchmark for XactAnalysis and how that integrated analysis for each loss location streamlines the management of hail and lightning claims. By being able to quickly assess whether the reported peril and date of loss match the weather history at the property location, claims managers and adjusters are better able to decide when weather-related claims may need inspection.

The webcast occurs at 4:00PM EST on March 20, 2013.

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