AER at CANE 2013 speaking on Emerging Risk Perspectives Related to Wind and Hail

CANE 2013, Sturbridge, MA
April 4, 2013

Kyle Beatty, Senior Vice President of AER, will be speaking at the Casualty Actuaries of New England (CANE) Spring 2013 Meeting on the Emerging Risk Perspectives Related to Wind/Hail.

Wind and hail from thunderstorm events have resulted in extraordinary claim volumes since 2008, leaving industry leaders asking the question if this is the new normal. In this session, Mr. Beatty will provide examples of new weather and earth observation data and resources that have become available to the industry over the past few years and how carriers are beginning to leverage them. He will also speak about data gaps that remain and partnerships that are forming between carriers and researchers to push through those barriers and develop new perspectives on the scientific basis for the high claims frequency over the past few years and the limits of our knowledge regarding if this trend is likely to continue.

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