Determining the Impact of Climate Change on the Insurance Risk and the Global Community

Casualty Loss Reserve Seminar, Boston
September 17, 2013

How climate change will affect society is a complex question, and the answer depends on the temporal and spatial scales over which one is concerned, the entities of interest, judgment criteria, and the desired level of certainty. Assessing the potential impacts of climate change on insurance is similarly complex. In addition, climate change—given its potential for systemic impact—can dramatically alter the risk management landscape.

The CAS, CIA, SOA, and the AAA's Property/Casualty Extreme Events Committee have responded to this emerging risk by collaboratively commissioning committees to recommend, support, and perform research on climate change and assess the potential risk management implications for the insurance industry.

  • Speaker: Nicole Homeier, PhD, Senior Staff Scientist and Director, Verisk Analytics Company
  • Moderator: Rita Zona, Principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP

The Casualty Actuarial Society’s Climate Change Committee is the parent committee of the Climate Index Working Group (CIWG). The report, “Determining the Impact of Climate Change on Insurance Risk and the Global Community” is the product of Phase I of a multi-phase project, which was commissioned by the actuarial organizations and prepared by Solterra Solutions, with input from the CIWG.

2013 Casualty Loss Reserve Seminar session

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