Electric Infrastructure Security for Energy and Insurance

The US Capitol Building, US Congress, Washington D.C.
May 20, 2013 - May 21, 2013

AER will speak at the Electric Infrastructure Security Summit (EISS) at the US Capitol.

At the request of Lloyds of London, Kyle Beatty is a delegate speaking on AER’s leading work on the risk of space weather to electric power infrastructure and the need for a more comprehensive assessment of service interruption risks to infrastructure.

 Kyle Beatty, Sr. Vice President at AER, joins Neil Smith, Manager of Emerging Risks and Research at Lloyd’s, in the E-threat Resilience Strategy Roundtable on the Energy and Insurance Sectors. Moderators include:

Tom Bolt, Director of Performance Management, Lloyds
Trevor Maynard, Head of Exposure Management and Reinsurance, Lloyds
Neil Smith, Manager, Emerging Risks and Research, Lloyds
John Houston, Senior Vice President, CenterPoint Energy