European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2011

Vienna, Austria
April 3, 2011 - April 8, 2011

We want to meet with you while you’re at EGU; please contact us. AER is contributing these 9 presentations.

Mon., 04 Apr:

Track: Decadal, seasonal and monthly forecasts

Tues., 04 Apr 2011:

Track: The North Atlantic and climate

  • 15:30–17:00; Attributing Climate-Scale Variability in Atlantic Ocean Heat Storage; Christopher Piecuch; EGU2011-3788

Track: Dynamical coupling between the stratosphere and the troposphere

Wed., 06 Apr 2011:

Track: Observing and understanding Earth rotation variability and its geophysical excitation

Track: Nonlinear instabilities and predictability

Track: Ocean salinity applications based on SMOS data

  • 17:30–19:00; Potential for temporal aliasing in satellite-derived SSS measurements; Nadya Vinogradova; EGU2011-8331

Thur., 07 Apr 2011:

Track: Inverse Problems and Data Assimilation in Geosciences

Fri., 08 Apr 2011:

Track: Global and regional sea level rise and variability

Track: Determination of Mass Transport and Distribution in the Earth System