Finding the Opportunity in Emerging Risks

Verisk Insurance Solutions 2013 Risk Symposium, London, UK
June 24, 2013

From nanotechnology and cyber security to climate change and regulatory updates, emerging risks present opportunities for the insurance industry to offer new products that were not possible a decade or more ago.

Kyle Beatty, CCM and Senior Vice President of AER, leads the CRO roundtable: Finding the Opportunity in Emerging Risks as they discuss how their organizations assess the loss potential from emerging risks and identify which risks offer the greatest opportunities for the industry to grow and diversify over the next decade. The Chief Risk Officers will share their views regarding what resources are needed to enable the industry to act on those opportunities.


  • Robin Luo, Integrated Risk Officer, Hartford Steam Boiler, a Division of Munich Re
  • Dr. Reto Schneider, Head of Group Emerging Risk Management, Swiss Reinsurance Company, Ltd.
  • Neil Smith, Manager of Emerging Risks and Research, Lloyd's of London


  • Kyle Beatty, CCM, Senior Vice President, Business Solutions, Atmospheric and Environmental Research (AER)

AER experts also discuss Long-Duration Blackout Potential in the United States. View the full agenda of the Verisk Insurance Solutions 2013 Risk Symposium.