Identify Preexisting Hail Damage before Underwriting the Policy

April 15, 2013

AER technical experts, William Ramstrom, Scientist and Manager for the AER Benchmark and AER Respond solutions and Arindam Samanta, PhD, Scientist and AER Manager for the LOCATION Hail Damage Score and FireLine solutions, will be speaking on Identify Preexisting Hail Damage before Underwriting the Policy as part of the Verisk Insurance Solutions Monday Webinar series.

Hail is one of the most costly perils for insurers and a major impediment to achieving profitability. Since 2007, insurers have paid 4.8 million hail claims totaling $34.6 billion. That was a significant part of the $96 billion in total losses from severe thunderstorms in the same period. Despite the high rate of claims, many homes damaged by hail don’t get repaired, leaving insurers writing new business vulnerable to paying claims for preexisting damage. In this seminar, you’ll learn about the emerging use of high-resolution weather history data to identify individual properties likely to experience the effects of damaging hail.

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