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Washington Post, Capital Weather Gang Blog | April 29, 2013

"...his (Seasonal Forecast Team leader, Dr. Judah Cohen) outlooks for North America and Northern Hemisphere overall were strikingly accurate – putting other seasonal forecasts to shame." - Jason Samenow, Washington Post, Capital Weather Gang

Claims Journal | April 12, 2013

Article Title: Verisk Announces New Hail Damage Score for Underwriters

MarketWatch | April 10, 2013

"By identifying just 100 properties with preexisting damage, we estimate LOCATION Hail Damage Score can help individual carriers avoid as much as $1 million in claims payments for damage occurring before the policy term." - said Neil Spector, president of Verisk Underwriting.

Press Release | February 21, 2013

Climate Change Business Journal awarded AER for innovations in forecasting solar and wind energy resources.

NASATelevision | February 14, 2013

Video Title: Global Observations to Continue with New NASA Satellite

NSF Current | February 5, 2013

Article Title: Predicting Storm Surges and Coastal Property Values

Climate Central | January 21, 2013

Article Title: Stratospheric Phenomenon Is Bringing Frigid Cold to U.S

International Innovation by Research Media Ltd. | January 15, 2013

Article Title: Kyle Beatty, Vice President of the Business Solutions Division, Atmospheric and Environmental Research

Environmental Research Letters (ERL) Highlights 2012 | January 15, 2013
The Times of India | January 9, 2013

Article Title: Biting cold brings spectre of Global Warming closer, farmers worried but wheat crop safe | January 7, 2013

Article Title: January thaw doesn't mean winter is over


Wired | December 21, 2012

Article Title: Climate Forecaster Predicts a Cold, Snowy Winter

The Washington Post | November 21, 2012

"Leading forecaster Judah Cohen favors harsh winter for Washington, D.C., East Coast"

WCVB Channel 5 | November 20, 2012

Above average snow in Siberia impacts Boston's winter forecast
Seasonal forecaster reveals new prediction for winter temperature, precipitation

Climate Central | November 20, 2012

Article Title: Winter Outlook Offers Hope For U.S. Skiers & Boarders