Which 13 topics will AER present at AMS?

Ross Hoffman, VP, Research and Development
January 17, 2011



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AER is contributing 13 presentations focused on these areas; see details on these presentations and speakers.



  1. Solar irradiance forecasting 
  2. Seasonal weather variation impact on energy industry
  3. Operational science algorithm design augmenting SADT with UML
  4. GOES-R level 2 algorithms: Cloud pathfinder
  5. Compression techniques for the GOES-R Rebroadcasting (GRB) sub-system
  6. GOES-R Algorithm Library Services
  7. Tropical cyclone intensity forecasting
  8. Efficient space-time indexing
  9. Modeling urban circulation in Salt Lake City area using WRF urban canopy
  10. WRF-CHEM GOCART for fine-scale dust forecasting
  11. Interactive ensemble data assimilation
  12. Microphysics parameterizations on simulation of bow echo
  13. Stratospheric mountain wave breaking at the tropopause