Modeling and Simulation Technology Programs

The Modeling and Simulation experts at Atmospheric and Environmental Research (AER) develop and manage key technology programs for the M&S community.

Environmental Scenario Generator (ESG)

Realistic M&S requires high-fidelity, consistent, and relevant multi-domain environment representations. For example, a simulation’s fidelity depends on interaction with the environment, such as:

  • Aircraft tactics based on clouds and visibility
  • Naval tactics based on acoustic performance
  • Troop movement rate determined by ground wetness

To meet these needs, AER’s Environmental Scenario Generator (ESG) provides:

  • Historical data relevant to the scenario and searchable by date/time, fuzzy or numeric descriptors.
  • Flexible infrastructure to process the data (Common Open Services for Integrated Natural Environments: COSINE). This service-based processing infrastructure is source-neutral and allows flexible user-definable format options that are decoupled from the data resource.

Environmental Data Cube Support System (EDCSS)

The Environmental Data Cube Support System (EDCSS) provides a project-oriented support suite for the M&S community.  Grounded in a formalized support process, it emphasizes the use of a common environment representation across all consumers.

This tri-service initiative provides ready access to multi-domain environment data, effects models and support products.  Key elements include:

  • Production: Going beyond data, to include graphic, text, effects products
  • Distribution: Network-agile services for product dissemination
  • Integration: Local product management (caching) and API’s to ensure effective use and to reduce development cost

Environmental data archive resources

AER maintains a substantial archive of environmental data which enables realistic simulations of any combination of environment, atmospheric effects and weather.

  • Atmosphere
    • NCEP/NCAR Reanalysis: 2.5 Deg Global, 6-hr (25+ years)
    • ERA-40  Reanalysis: 1.125 Deg Global, 6-hr (9 years)
    • MASS Regional Reanalysis: 40-km, 1-hr (10 years)
  • Space
    • Space Weather Indices and Analysis (11 years)
  • CNMOC Produced Regional Data Archives
    • 10 Tactically Significant Regions (5 years)
    • COAMPS – atmospheric model
    • Wave Watch III – ocean surface model
    • NCOM – ocean volume model

We have the capability to augment the environmental data sources when needed by our clients.

  • NOAA CFS Reanalysis: 32-km 3-hr global archive (30+ years)
  • NRL HYCOM ocean reanalysis: 15-yr global, forced with CFSR
  • NGDC SPIDR space weather data archives
  • CNMOC Navy METOC Data Services Framework (NMDSF)

WRF modeling scenarios for higher fidelity

AER’s modeling and simulation experts leverage our Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) modeling capability to reproduce historical scenarios with conditions relevant to exercise objectives. 

Starting from dates identified by EDCSS queries into historical archives, WRF is used to reproduce the scenario at a much higher fidelity than the archives, and the output is used as the basis to build a full suite of products to support an exercise.  AER developed the WRF modeling web service used to integrate WRF with EDCSS.