Weather Impacts on Sensor Technology

Because sensor technology has become increasingly critical to military and other high-profile operations, it's essential to understand the specific impact weather will have on mission-critical sensor systems. AER's experts in Weather Impacts on Sensor Technology (WIST) develop tools that use advanced physical modeling of the environment to predict the consequences of weather on operations. These tools utilize both imaging and non-line-of-sight acoustic sensor systems. We make extensive use of multi-spectral satellite imagery and GIS/image processing for state-of-the-art description of near-surface conditions. WIST tools are used in both live combat operations as well as modeling and simulation activities.

Our WIST experts support large-scale modeling and simulation (M&S) activity by providing computationally fast weather-enabled sensor performance calculations connected to extensively indexed historical global weather archives. These tools eliminate much of the “handwork” required to provide weather to M&S users and allow realistic physical modeling calculations in high volume applications.

In developing  both efficient field-deployable decision-aid applications and advanced weather-enabled sensor performance prediction tools, we span all elements of the source-to-sensor response vector, and encompass all levels of the modeling task chain.

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