Benchmark Overview

The insurance products and services including BenchmarkTM are provided by AER sister company Verisk Climate as of 2014.. Visit the BenchmarkTM sectionon Verisk Climate site.

The BenchmarkTM database provides the most comprehensive history of natural hazards that occurred at each property.

Designed specifically for insurance carriers, the Benchmark archive provides address-specific, high-resolution, natural hazard history including weather causes and dates. Examples include hail, lightning and winds.

Insurance DepartmentBenefitHow
Improve financial performance
Write new business more profitably by avoiding
properties with pre-existing damages due to natural
hazards. Evaluate risk on renewal.
Improve customer service;
improve accuracy
Validate quickly the date and cause of loss of each
claim, adjusting claims for insured clients while
reducing loss adjustment expenses and inaccuracies
for claims dated last week, month or in a previous year
Risk Management
Improve predictive modeling skill
Assess quickly the potential pace and volume of claims
from a weather event or natural hazard. Audit claims’
details and adjust any found to be in error

The BenchmarkTM archive includes a comprehensive suite of weather measures that allow an underwriter or claims manager to understand precisely the potentially damaging weather conditions that occurred at a property address. The database search engine provides a weather history for any given address.

Hail and Lightning Reports

Hail reports and lightning strike reports provide rapid analysis for any property or claim. These report samples are on the Verisk Climate website.
Wind HistoryHail HistoryLightning Strike

Assess whether the reported date of loss is accurate for the hailstorm or wind peril reported in the claim.

Identify the date of most severe hail at the property location, or the most recent date of hail.

Quickly view the lightning strikes that may have caused damage at a specific property address including lightning strike dates and distances from the property of interest.

Hail Maps

The BenchmarkTM Web and Mobile applications provide interactive hail maps for individual properties or PCS Catastrophes. Claims adjusters and CAT response teams reduce cycle time and improve customer service by reviewing hail maps within hours of a hail storm.

The BenchmarkTM Difference

The Benchmark database is a living history that is continually improving. We regularly improve the accuracy of its algorithms that translate weather radar and numerical weather prediction (NWP) data into precise estimates of damaging weather as new scientific and insurance data become available. Users of the data access the latest information to ensure that their business decisions are guided by the most accurate data available in the marketplace.