Atmosphere, Climate and Weather

AER is widely recognized for our expertise in modeling and prediction for atmospheric, climate, weather and the environment. This is why our science and data models underlie many of the forecast and observational systems used today by industries and governments around the world, as well as by the U.S. military.

But AER is more than a de facto global standard in weather-related science. AER's atmospheric and environmental expertise occupies a unique position at the intersection of basic research, applications and operations in the areas of weather forecasting, atmospheric composition and air quality, oceanography, climate modeling, and planetary atmospheres.

Organizations that work with AER get access to the world's top experts in atmosphere, climate and weather. Just as important, they get an opportunity to partner with a group of committed problem solvers determined to help clients understand – probabilistically and quantitatively – how changes in the climate may impact their future strategies, operations and facilities, thus enabling them to take proper action.

The following list offers a representative sampling of our expertise:

  • Quantification and verification of regional and local greenhouse gas emissions through modeling and remote sensing
  • Application of numerical weather prediction to regional air quality modeling, based on three decades of accumulated weather and climate information
  • Seasonal climate forecasts
  • Estimation of land surface type, open water coverage, soil moisture and vegetation water content; our innovative algorithms for soil moisture retrieval factor out the atmospheric effects that typically interfere with accurate retrieval of soil surface temperatures
  • Assessment of the implications of potential climate engineering schemes
  • Prediction of the impact of projected climate change in the atmosphere and oceans on insurance rates; financial investments; and infrastructure for power, communications and navigation
  • Analysis of data from planetary missions to Mars and the giant planets

Providing these services is a scientific staff with outstanding credentials, including:

  • Published research in major peer-reviewed academic journals (often in collaboration with partners from government laboratories, academia and private industry)
  • Thought leadership within the scientific community and beyond via appearances at conferences and workshops and in the media
  • Educational activities with academic partners at top universities throughout the world, including Harvard, MIT, the University of Michigan and ETH Zurich.