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Understand how AER's forecast product suite, including eCast, a 15-day ensemble forecast, and sCast, AER's seasonal forecast can help turn weather risk into weather opportunity for your business.

Atmospheric and Environmental Research (AER) provides a portfolio of targeted weather products and services spanning a broad range of industry needs. These packaged solutions enable each client organization to tap into AER expertise in the form and content that best address its unique requirements.

Weather forecast suite

AER’s scientifically advanced weather prediction products and services are the driving force behind smart business decisions in weather-sensitive industries.

eCast: 15-day ensemble forecast tool

An advanced 15-day ensemble weather forecast tool, eCast delivers more than 41,000 medium-range weather forecasts per city per day, providing clear indicators of forecast mean and statistical spread. Clients get clear, concise and accurate weather forecasts in a web-based format with easy-to-understand tables, plots and charts – all delivered seamlessly and efficiently via email or a web-based interface that feeds directly into decision support tools.

mCast: Month-ahead Forecast (1-to-3-month-long range forecasts)

AER’s mCast is a comprehensive set of long-range weather forecasts that incorporate proprietary modeling techniques to deliver actionable forecasts of temperature, heating and cooling degree days, and precipitation for key regions in the U.S., Europe and Asia. Forecasting out 30 to 90 days, mCast long-range weather forecasts are based on advanced science and deliver proven results.

sCast: Seasonal Forecast and Sub-Seasonal Forecast (3-6-month)

AER’s Seasonal Forecast, sCast is the most skilled and comprehensive seasonal forecasting service – with the best results – in the industry.

It leverages proprietary long-range weather modeling techniques to deliver highly skilled regional heating and cooling degree day forecasts that are population-weighted for electricity, gas and oil. It also provides extensive temperature and precipitation information in both tabular and map formats, so forecasts are easy to understand.

Unlike other seasonal weather forecasts, sCast uses a unique initialization scheme that combines El Niño and warming trends, as well as snow cover in remote parts of the world, to predict overall global trends. Seasonal hindcasting using more than 30 years of data has validated the accuracy of the AER Seasonal Forecast in predicting temperature direction.

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