Seasonal Forecast Download

Improve Your Financial Performance with Early and Accurate Energy Demand Guidance

Investors and energy producers turn to Seasonal Forecasts (sCast) of temperature for heating demand from Atmospheric and Environmental Research to improve the performance of their energy focused investments.

AER’s accurate seasonal forecasts help portfolio managers maximize returns, hedge downside risks and develop superior investment strategies.

The Forecast You Can’t Afford to Ignore

When winter’s on the horizon, investors and energy traders know there's no substitute for an accurate seasonal forecast and subseasonal updates.

  • Our proprietary model consistently outperforms the government and other providers of seasonal temperature forecasts.
  • AER provides advisory consultations whenever key turning points are anticipated or observed. These enable our clients to take positions in advance of other investors.

The result

Clients using AER's forecast were significantly better positioned to maximize their weather impacted investments, well ahead of the rest of the market.

Our winter forecast has provided unique, accurate insight for eight years running, and we’re highly confident in our physically-based approach for the upcoming winter season. We've demonstrated exceptional statistical skill in our October forecast.


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