Benchmark Hail Reports and Lightning Strike Reports

Save time and loss adjustment expense using Hail Reports and Lightning Strike Reports from the BenchmarkTM database. Assess quickly whether the reported peril and date of loss match the weather history at the property location and match the adjuster skill for the claim.

Hail Reports

  • On what dates has damaging hail occurred at the property historically?
  • Where did strong thunderstorms occur?
  • What’s the likelihood that wind-driven hail occurred possibly damaging the home’s roof, siding, windows or patio?
  • Is the reported date of loss correct?
  • Use either Hail Date of Loss report or the more detailed Hail History report to evaluate claims

Lightning Reports

  • On what dates has lightning occurred at or near the property?
  • How far away did the lightning strikes occur?
  • Does the reported date of loss seem correct?

Claims teams using the XactAnalysis® service from Xactware® Solutions can access Hail Date of Loss, Hail History or Lightning Strike reports directly within the XactAnalysis application. Save time by receiving peril analysis for each claim automatically, or request for weather claims as needed.

About Benchmark

The BenchmarkTM database is an authoritative industry resource that contains precise information regarding all catastrophe and non-catastrophe hail and lightning hazards that occurred historically on each day, each week, month, quarter, or year over the period of record. Insurance companies integrate this natural hazard archive of each property into the underwriting and claims workflows.

About Respond

RespondTMis the natural hazard analysis and forecast service that reduces loss adjustment expense and cycle times by delivering accurate, location-specific analytics integrated into the claims workflow.