AER Respond Hailstorm Case Study

To better manage the effects of weather on their bottom line, insurers are employing weather analysis to:

  • Respond to policyholders quickly, enhancing customer loyalty
  • Make an accurate estimate of the potential claims volume within hours after a storm
  • Map storm severity with policies in force (PIF)
  • Plan cat response team deployment

AER Hailstorm Case Study pdfRead the hailstorm case study to learn how the AER RespondTM real-time hail monitoring solution is helping large insurers improve customer service through reduced cycle times. You'll learn six reasons insurance carriers use AER for weather analytics. See how your claims team can easily accomplish all this within hours of a hailstorm or other weather event.


AER Hailstorm Case Study pdfEasily estimate loss volume combining hail severity and PIF. Hail probability is depicted by color contours: yellow indicates severe hail likelihood greater than 50%; orange indicates 70% probability; dark red indicates 90%. Insurers can focus in on neighborhoods as small as five blocks to estimate policy locations most likely exposed to hail.