Respond Hail Analysis Service

The RespondTM natural hazard analysis service improves customer service and reduces loss adjustment expense and cycle times. It delivers accurate, location-specific analytics integrated into your claims workflow.

Wind-driven hail damaged this home in Norman Oklahoma, causing holes in siding

The RespondTM service is provided by AER's sister company, Verisk ClimateTM, as of 2014.

Using Respond, catastrophe teams can quickly and accurately:

  • Determine resource demands
  • Place staff in the optimal locations, and match claim complexity with adjuster experience levels
  • Increase the accuracy of early-stage bulk reserves
  • Validate the date of loss of each claim
  • Quickly detect potentially fraudulent claims patterns
  • Escalate claims earlier to SIU personnel when warranted

Make fast, accurate claims management decisions

  • Determine if a weather event should be designated a catastrophe, the number of claims adjusters needed and the locations where they’ll make the most impact
  • Easily estimate scenarios of loss volume, combining hail severity and PIF with TIV
  • View broad areas and zoom in to neighborhoods as small as five blocks within hours after a storm

Improve customer service

  • React quickly by assigning adjusters where needed
  • Contact policyholders quickly after an event to enhance customer loyalty and improve loss control
  • Screen claims and identify potential fraud

Respond Hail Analysis

Understand how the RespondTM service's real-time hail monitoring solution is helping the claims department at some of the world’s largest insurers streamline claims processes and improve customer service. See the RespondTM and BenchmarkTM brochures and sample reports on the Verisk ClimateTM website.

Respond’s hail severity locations are a vast improvement over traditional weather data

Claims can not only see where the hail occurred and how severe it was, but also also map that hail data to their insured locations. At a glance, this provides a detailed picture of the PIF—how many insureds were most likely to have been exposed to severe hail.

Case Study - Hurricane Isaac Rewind: Respond™


RespondTM service
—Link on Verisk Climate website

BenchmarkTM service
Link on Verisk Climate website


Verisk Climate Announces First Use of Dual-Polarization to More Precisely Map Hail for the Insurance Industry
—Hail service update in press release March 3, 2015.

Atmospheric and Environmental Research Teams with NOAA on Hail and Severe Storms Risk Management Initiative
—Launches Respond for insurers to better manage hail claims. Press release 2011.