Hurricane Analysis and Forecast Service

The RespondTM Hurricane Analysis and Forecast Service enables:

More precise response decisions – ahead of your competition.

This forecast and analysis service for tropical cyclones improves customer service and reduces loss adjustment expense and cycle times. Insurance firms use Respond for accurate, rapid location-specific analytics integrated into the claims workflow.

Respond Brochure

Comprehensive view before, during, and after the storm

Clients receive forecasts of wind speed at an ultra-high resolution, which enables responders to assess the wind speeds at neighborhood level.

Only Respond provides a comprehensive scientific viewpoint during the storm event when your analysts are under pressure to assess financial impacts and adjust operational response. We’re able to achieve this through deep expertise in numerical weather modeling, data integration, and downscaling.

Five days before landfall, with multiple updates throughout the day, We provides independent and objective forecasts far more detailed and comprehensive than other sources. Clients receive predictions of:

  • Strength and likely path
  • Detailed building level winds
  • Impact on housing stock
  • Impact on populations and infrastructure at the coast and far inland
  • Damaging winds that occur as the storm moves far inland
  • Updates on the causes and extent of hazards on a street by street basis

Who uses the Respond Service for hurricane?

  • Insurance companies seeking more accurate information to deploy catastrophe response operations, issue moratoriums and predict financial impact
  • Rig and platform operators of petroleum companies that need to mobilize resources to evacuate offshore rigs and protect equipment
  • Retail chains and manufacturers responding to consumer demands and managing risk exposure
  • Utilities assessing service interruption contingency plans

Case Study - Hurricane Isaac Rewind: Respond™