Wildfire Exposure Risk Management

Actuaries and underwriters can pinpoint potential wildfire hazards with LOCATION FirelineTM powered by Verisk ClimateTM technology. Verisk Climate is a sister company of AER.

This wildfire situational awareness and monitoring service enables re/insurers to:

  • Underwrite new business
  • Manage aggregate wildfire exposure
  • Educate customers to improve wildfire risk exposure, improve safety and protect lives and property

Cat response teams can quickly deploy adjusters to assist victims of wildfires by using the RespondTM service for wildfire. Claims professionals can analyze a wildfire's impact on PIF.

Fireline projects and maps wildfire risk for 9 western states

During significant wildfire events, our scientists at monitor and project situational awareness maps provide for our customers. By combining risk factors and satellite imagery, the service determines wildfire perimeters from a variety of sources mapped against high-resolution fuels data.

The wildfire product combines fuel, slope and road access factors into a wildfire hazard product. We make these critical wildfire maps available in a variety of forms such as GIS data, service API calls or database tables.

The wildfire exposure and risk management services provided by Verisk Climate are typically delivered in the LOCATION FireLineTM service powered by Verisk Climate technology that was originally developed by AER scientists. Clients can contact Verisk Insurance Solutions - Underwriting, a sister company within Verisk Analytics®. Clients that prefer a custom approach should please contact us.