Weather Forensics

Our Weather Forensic Reports and Consultations are used by Fortune 1000 re/insurance firms to review claims related to hail, lightning, severe winds, tropical cyclones, and other weather events.

Claims adjusters using our weather forensic reports and consultations to:

  • Save time
  • Reduce fraudulent claims attributed to severe weather
  • Increase customer satisfaction by verifying legitimate claims faster

Underwriters use these systems to understand the potential resiliency of building structures based on historic weather in a specific location.

These weather forensics from AER's sister company Verisk Climate enable re/insurers to:

  • Get instant online reports featuring key weather data and maps of hail, lightning strike, damaging winds and tornado activity.
  • Review site-specific locations to evaluate weather-related claims and hazzards

The Weather Forensic Reports and Consultations are typically delivered in the Decision Net® service of ISO ClaimSearch®. AER and Verisk Climate clients that prefer a custom approach should please contact us.

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