Atmospheric and Environmental Research (AER) helps businesses better anticipate and manage climate- and weather-related risks. With our deep domain knowledge in atmospheric and environmental science, we have the ability to analyze and solve problems of vital importance to you and your business – anywhere in the world. We serve industries as diverse as aerospace and defense, energy, insurance, investment, manufacturing, retail and supply chain.

From Custom to Off-the-Shelf Solutions

We provide state-of-the-art research, development, forecasts and analysis – delivered in reports, databases, or software solutions. You can select from a range of off-the-shelf solutions or go for a more targeted solution tailored to your organization's unique needs and preferences.


Weather and Climate Analytics

Weather analysis and risk correlation

Analysis of historical weather to determine territory-level weather types that correlate to your risk criteria

Climate risk assessments

Climate consulting and climatology assessments of long-term trends of weather's impact on your strategy and operations

Weather Forensics

Instant online reports of address-specific weather hazards. Plus event-specific custom analysis and consulting from AER scientists

Data and Forecasts

Weather and hurricane forecasts

High fidelity weather and tropical cyclone forecasts for use in weather risk management or investment strategies

Climate change projections

Very long range scenario-based predictions of changes in relevant environmental or weather perils

High resolution data derived from weather radar and satellites

Neighborhood-level geo-hazard data, and data history, delivered either directly into your existing services or via our technology products

Energy demand forecast

Weather forecasts to gauge heating demand that moves the natural gas, oil and coal markets

Alternative energy production forecast

Remote sensing analysis of clouds, wind or other factors that impact solar or wind production

Custom Research and Development

Proprietary weather/climate R&D

AER scientists work directly with your experts to develop differentiated products, services or investment strategies

Retained Scientific Services

AER scientists, technology, data and forecasts retained for on-demand services and analysis

Climate, weather or environmental risk scientific services for large and leading-edge clients

Hurricane Forecast Solutions

Weather Forecast Suite