AER at American Geophysical Union (AGU) 2012

By Ross Hoffman
December 3, 2012

AER Scientists have 35 topics/sessions accepted to the American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall Meeting, December 3-7, 2012 in San Francisco, CA. Topics AER scientists will speak on through the week are:

AER participates in Texas Dept of Insurance's "War on Hail" Symposium

By Joy Rohde
November 19, 2012

Last year Texas had more severe hail events than any state in the country, causing $1.7 billion in insured losses statewide. The prevalence of hail in Texas has been the stimulus for the Texas Department of Insurance's sponsorship of the first annual War on Hail Symposium on November 27th. I'll be a panelist on the "Technology and Tools" roundtable, discussing future web-based application of weather related tools.

MIT Climate Scientist Susan Solomon in AER Seminar

By Ross N. Hoffman
November 15, 2012

AER is hosting a noontime seminar by MIT Professor Susan Solomon on “Emerging Signals of Climate Changes: Where in the World will Climate Change First?" A leading atmospheric chemist, Solomon will summarize recent research showing the surprising result that an early onset of significant local warming that exceeds past variability is already emerging or will likely emerge in the next two decades in many tropical countries.

Sandy: Hurricanes Are Not All About Winds

By Bill Ramstrom
November 5, 2012

Not Your Typical Hurricane

Dr. Bryan Woods is presenting on offshore windpower

By Bryan Woods
October 10, 2012

Dr. Bryan Woods is presenting his analysis of Delaware's offshore windpower at AWEA Offshore Windpower Conference 2012. In his presentation, A 30-Year Wind Climatology off the Coast of Delaware From High-Resolution Numerical Weather Prediction, he demonstrates the importance of down-scaled numerical weather simulations versus coarse-resolution reanalysis data and shows the resulting dramatically different shape of wind distributions. The poster will be presented today at 4:30 PM - 5:30 PM.

Energy Traders Alert: AER’s Winter forecast coming out in one month

By Joy Rohde
October 1, 2012

Have you looked at AER’s energy forecasts lately? If not, you might want to take another look. Seasonal Forecast - Our highly accurate seasonal and sub-seasonal forecasts have earned their reputation as a go-to source for traders. AER’s winter forecast will be released in a month, and we've nailed it the last 3 years running – we don't think it's luck. Will you be taking advantage of our insights?

AER at IGAC 2012 "Ni Hao, Air Pollution!"

By Matt Alvarado
September 26, 2012

Last week, I and about 600 other scientists attended the biennial International Global Atmospheric Chemistry (IGAC) conference in Beijing, China. This year’s theme was “Atmospheric Chemistry in the Anthropocene” – that is, how people have changed our atmosphere since the Industrial Revolution.

Canadian insurers discuss emerging risk of electric grid vulnerability from space weather at NICC

By Kyle Beatty
September 24, 2012

SwissRe and AER focus on space weather, grid infrastructure risk and the amount of exposure in today’s electricity-dependent society. For example, a very strong geomagnetic storm in 1989, caused a nine-hour power outage over the whole province of Quebec.

Hurricane Isaac Rewind video

By Kyle Beatty
September 4, 2012

AER Respond for Hurricane Isaac Rewind All eyes were on the Gulf Coast last week as Hurricane Isaac approached land, the impacts of Katrina and Ike still fresh in the minds of citizens and businesses alike. Fortunately, Isaac proved to have a less severe impact than many had anticipated, but AER Respond™ for Hurricane helped businesses and insurers prepare for the potential risks, offering companies the opportunity to precisely quantify the anticipated impact Isaac would have to individual physical assets and their markets of interest.

How to Manage Wildfire Risk Effectively

By Joy Rohde
July 10, 2012

AER's Fireline tool for underwriting wildfire risk is cited in the recent ISO blog "How to Manage Wildfire Risk Effectively"