AER at AMS – See you in Austin

AER at AMS – See you in Austin

Dear Colleagues:

We look forward to seeing you at AMS Annual Meeting and hope you'll take a moment to stop by one of our technical presentations.

As always, scientists from Atmospheric and Environmental Research (AER) are contributing significantly to the meeting, presenting 14 topics in oral sessions, and 11 in poster sessions over the course of the week. (View abstract details here.) In all 31 AER authors contributed to 25 presentations.

We’re also proud that with six presentations, AER is the most prominent presence among private firms at the Fourth Conference on Weather, Climate, and the New Energy Economy.

In addition to the three oral presentations at the New Energy conference, AER oral presentations cover many other cutting-edge scientific and technical topics:

Energy risks and resources

1. Environmental Data and the Assessment of Electric Grid Reliability; Nicole L. Homeier

2. A 30-year wind climatology off the coast of Delaware from high-resolution numerical weather prediction; Bryan Woods

3. Quantifying Power Grid Risk from Geomagnetic Storms; Nicole L. Homeier

Software Engineering

4. Reproducibility of Research Algorithms in GOES-R Operational Software; Edward J. Kennelly

5. End-to-End Design, Development and Testing of GOES-R Level 1 and 2 Algorithms; Alexander Werbos

6. Design and Development of the GOES-R Inspect and Analyze Client Visualization Application; Jordan Bentley

Seasonal forecasting

7. Tropospheric Precursors to Large AO Events on the Subseasonal Timescale; Justin E. Jones

8. What is the lead-time for a skillful winter forecast?; Judah Cohen

9. Link between fall sea ice variability and atmospheric patterns in the following winter; Judah Cohen

Aviation forecasting

10. Using WRF-ARW to Distinguish between Glaze and Rime Icing at the Air Force Weather Agency; Rebecca Adams-Selin

Data assimilation and satellite retrievals

11. Estimating the Uncertainty of Satellite Microwave Ocean Surface Wind Observations and the Resulting Cross-Calibrated, Multi-Platform (CCMP) Ocean Surface Wind Analyses; Ross N. Hoffman

12. Towards Interactive Retrievals for Mars Data Assimilation; Ross N. Hoffman

13. Sources of Discrepancies between Satellite and Land Surface Model Evaporation Estimates; Alan Lipton

Ensemble forecasting

14. Hurricane Irene (2011) worst-case estimates of wind damage to property from exigent analysis of ECMWF ensemble forecasts; Daniel Gombos

See you in Austin! Drop us a note if you would like to connect while there.

Ron Isaacs
President and CEO
AER Atmospheric and Environmental Research