AER participates in Texas Dept of Insurance's "War on Hail" Symposium

AER participates in Texas Dept of Insurance's "War on Hail" Symposium

Last year Texas had more severe hail events than any state in the country, causing $1.7 billion in insured losses statewide. The prevalence of hail in Texas has been the stimulus for the Texas Department of Insurance's sponsorship of the first annual War on Hail Symposium on November 27th. I'll be a panelist on the "Technology and Tools" roundtable,  discussing future web-based application of weather related tools.

The Texas Department of Insurance is hosting the War on Hail Symposium to spotlight the high cost of hail, to recognize its impact on insurance premiums, and to encourage conversation about hail damage mitigation, loss control, adequate rates, and affordable premiums. The symposium includes presentations and panel discussions and is intended to be a forum for education and awareness and a catalyst for innovation.

The objective of the "Technology and Tools" roundtable is to spotlight technology applications available to insurers to improve the assessment of hail risk, both on an individual policy and on a portfolio of policies, and to improve insurers’ response to hail storms and hail claims. Special emphasis will be placed on applications that uncover or verify relevant information about a property, and applications that more promptly or precisely locate severe hailstorm events.

You can view the agenda and the attendee list for the War on Hail Symposium here

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