AER Renewable Energy Team Expands

AER Renewable Energy Team Expands

AER adds capacity to help utilities and their solar and wind O&M service providers improve forecasts of renewable energy production and demand. Scott McClintock joins as director of relationship management serving utilities and renewable energy companies.

Tapping Renewable Energy Successes

Mr. McClintock was vice president of sales at NEXAMP, Inc., a clean energy solutions provider and PV system integrator, where he advised business and government clients on the optimal use of renewable energy solutions to meet their strategic goals. During his tenure at NEXAMP, Mr. McClintock oversaw 12-fold growth in the firm’s solar photovoltaic business. He spearheaded the company’s initiative to design and install the largest-ever solar PV contract by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for 4.1MWs of solar photovoltaic installations across the state.

Solar and Wind Operations Improve with Science-based Innovations

As Mr. McClintock joins, AER continues to invest in innovations serving companies in the renewable energy market. Atmospheric and Environmental Research (AER) operationalizes the ground-breaking science techniques the firm has designed for DOE, NOAA and NASA. For example AER's world-renowned cloud depiction and analysis quantifies the impact of clouds on solar collection. AER’s commercial customers include many of the largest energy, financial services, and insurance companies in the United States as well as government agencies around the world.

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