American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall Meeting 2016

American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall Meeting 2016

American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall Meeting 2016

Atmospheric and Environmental Research Inc (AER) is proud to announce its participation in the 2016 AGU Fall Meeting in San Francisco the week of December 12. AER researchers across a number of geophysical disciplines, along with co-authors at other top research institutions, will present their work in the poster and oral papers listed below (AER authors in bold type), including research in physical oceanography, atmospheric radiation and climate, environmental remote sensing, flood mapping, air quality, and space weather.  The full scientific program for the Fall Meeting is found here:



  1. G12A-07 - Annual Sea Level Changes on the North American Northeast Coast: Influence of Wind Forcing and Mass Redistribution; Rui PonteChristopher Piecuch, Sönke Dangendorf, and Marta Marcos

  2. G14A-06 - A Comparison of Full and Empirical Bayes Techniques for Inferring Sea Level Changes from Tide Gauge Records; Christopher Piecuch, Peter Huybers, and Martin Tingley

  3. G21A-0986 - Decadal variations in sea level patterns and the recent global mean surface warming slowdown; Patrick Heimbach, Rui PonteChristopher Piecuch, Gaël Forget, and Xinfeng Liang

  4. G21A-0988 - Global mean sea level: ENSO, accelerations, and mass versus steric contributions; Katherine Quinn and Christopher Piecuch

  5. OS23D-02 - Forcing of recent decadal variability in the Equatorial and North Indian Ocean; Philip Thompson, Christopher Piecuch, Mark Merrifield, Julian McCreary, and Eric Firing

  6. OS23D-03 - Dynamic sea level changes on the Northeast US coast and their relation to the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation; Christopher Little and Christopher Piecuch

  7. OS31B-2020 - Air pressure effects on sea level changes during the Twentieth Century; Kathleen Donohue, Christopher Piecuch, and Philip Thompson

  8. PP51E-08 - Global and regional sea level proxy-model consistency over the Common Era; Eric Morrow, Christopher Little, Robert Kopp, Ben Horton, and Andrew Kemp

  9. A31G-0123 - Impact of atmospheric state uncertainties on retrieved XCO2 columns from laser differential absorption spectrometer measurements and the effect of O2-derived surface pressure on XCO2 retrieval accuracy; T Scott Zaccheo, Timothy Pernini, Rick Pernak

  10. A51K-0242 - Results from a Year of Column CO2 Measurements over Paris France using Harris GreenLITE™; Jeremy Todd Dobler,  T Scott Zaccheo, Nathan Blume, Gregoire Broquet, Michel Ramonet, Johannes Staufer, Felix R Vogel

  11. B33C-0616 - Impact of Modeling Domain on CO2 Flux Constraints for Satellite-Based Regional Inversions; Marikate Ellis Mountain, Thomas Nehrkorn, Arlyn E Andrews, Michael Trudeau, Kirk W Thoning, T Scott Zaccheo

  12. Evaluation and application of an algorithm for atmospheric profiling continuity from Aqua to Suomi-NPP; Alan Lipton, Jean-Luc Moncet, Rich Lynch, Vivienne Payne, and Matt Alvarado

  13. Daily High-Resolution Flood Maps of Africa: 1992-present with Near Real Time Updates; John Galantowicz, Jeff Picton, and Ben Root

  14. A11I-0130 - The Spectroscopic Foundation of Radiative Forcing of Climate by Carbon Dioxide; D. P. Kratz, M. G. Mlynczak, E. J. Mlawer, T. S. Daniels, D. R. Feldman, W. D. Collins, M. J. Alvarado, J. E. Lawler, L. W. Anderson, D. W. Fahey, L. A. Hunt, and J. C. Mast

  15. A11I-0129 - Methane longwave radiative forcing uncertainty and its thermodynamic dependence; Feldman, D., T. Daniels, M. G. Mlynczak, M. J. Alvarado, E. J. Mlawer, and W. D. Collins

  16. GC51E-1225 - Regional Modeling of Biomass-Burning Aerosol Impacts; Lonsdale, C. R., C. Brodowski, M. Alvarado, J. Henderson, J. R. Pierce, and J. Lin

  17. A24F-05 - Top-Down Constraints on Air Quality Model Emissions of NH3, NOx, and SO2 using Surface, Aircraft, and Satellite Data; Alvarado, M. J., C. R. Lonsdale, E. Winijkul, C. M. Brodowski, K. E. Cady-Pereira, D. K. Henze, and S. Capps

  18. Benchmark calculations of present-day instantaneous radiative forcing in clear, aerosol-free skies; Robert Pincus, K Franklin Evans, Eli Jay Mlawer, David Paynter, James Manners, Stefan A Buehler

  19. Measured and Modeled Downwelling Far-Infrared Radiances in Very Dry Environments and Calibration Requirements for Future Experiments; Jeffrey C Mast, Martin G Mlynczak, Richard Cageao, David P Kratz, Harry Latvakoski, David Geoffrey Johnson, Eli Jay Mlawer, David D Turner

  20. Spectroscopy for Remote Sensing of Greenhouse Gases: Recent Advances and Outstanding Issues - Vivienne Payne, Brian J. Drouin, Malathy Devi, D. Chris Benner, Fabiano A Oyafuso, Linda R. Brown, Matthew James Cich, David Crisp, Brendan Fisher, Iouli Gordon, Alexandre Guillaume, Joseph T Hodges, David Long, Elizabeth M. Lunny, Eli Jay Mlawer, Mitchio Okumura, Mike Smyth, Keeyoon Sung, Laurence S Rothman, Shanshan Y

  21. Spectral Scaling Technique to Determine Extreme Carrington-level GIC Effects; Lisa Winter, Jenn Gannon, Rick Quinn, Stu Houston, Rick Pernak, Ed Pope

  22. SH41B-2537 - On the Origin of Long-duration Solar Gamma-ray Flares and Their Connection with SEPs; Valerie Bernstein (AER summer intern)