American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall Meeting 2020

Atmospheric and Environmental Research Inc (AER) was pleased to participate in the 2020 AGU Fall Meeting held online on December 1-17. AER researchers across a number of geophysical disciplines, along with co-authors at other top research institutions, presented their work in the poster and oral papers listed below (AER authors in bold type), including research in physical oceanography, seasonal forecasting and climate, radiative transfer and spectroscopy, air quality, and greenhouse gas transport, modeling, and monitoring.  The full scientific program for the Fall Meeting is found here:


Using Surface Observations to Select Features and to Predict Extreme Ozone in Texas via Generalized Additive Modeling (GAM), the Synthetic Minority Oversampling Technique (SMOTE), and a Tail Dependence Optimization Method.

Benjamin Brown-Steiner, Xiong Zhou and Matthew J. Alvarado

Abstract A060-0012


From the Classroom to My Bedroom: How Teaching the Science of Climate Change and Emissions via Informal Community Education Differs Between In-Person and Virtual Classrooms.

Benjamin Brown-Steiner

Abstract ED019-0002


Divergent consensuses on Arctic amplification influence on mid-latitude severe winter weather. 

Judah Cohen 

Abstract A212-0007 


Using Machine Learning to Detect Cloud Signatures in COSMIC-2 Radio Occultations.

Thomas Connor, Jeana Mascio, Stephen S. Leroy, Robert P. d’Entremont, and E. Robert Kursinski

Abstract A059-0016


Identifying Smoke-Impacted Regions using the Optical Properties of Brown Carbon Aerosol. 
Archana Dayalu and Matthew J. Alvarado

Abstract A223-0006 

An Improved Two-Stream Radiative Transfer Scheme Using Small-Angle Approximation for Multiple Scattering Computation in a Cloudy Atmosphere.
Jiachen Ding, Ping Yang, and Eli Jay Mlawer

Abstract A002-0004


Using CrIS Ammonia Observations to Improve Decision Making on PM2.5 Control Policies.

Nicholas Heath, Matthew Alvarado, Amy McVey, Chase Calkins, Karen Cady-Pereira, and Mark Shephard

Abstract A029-05


Validation and Error Estimation of AIRS MUSES CO Profiles with HIPPO, ATom and NOAA ESRL Aircraft Observations.
Jennifer Hegarty, Karen Cady-Pereira, Vivienne Payne, Susan Kulawik, Valentin Kantchev, and John Worden

Abstract A031-0017 


High-latitude GHG transport modeling in support of the NASA Arctic-Boreal Vulnerability Experiment (ABoVE).

John Henderson, Kathryn McKain, and Lei Hu.

Abstract B022-0016


Do Surface Temperature Indices Reflect Trends in Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation Strength?

Christopher Little, Mengnan Zhao and Martha Buckley:

Abstract PP038-03


On the modulation and alongcoast coherence of United States East Coast decadal sea level variability.

Chris Little, Chris Piecuch, and Rui Ponte

Abstract OS006-02 


Detecting Mid-Tropospheric Clouds Using COSMIC-2 Radio Occultations, GFS Forecasts, and GOES-16 ABI Measurements.
Jeana Mascio, Stephen S. Leroy, Tom Connor, Robert d’Entremont, and E. Robert Kursinski

Abstract A211-0015


Far-IR Water Vapor Spectroscopy from Analysis of Field Campaign Measurements.

Eli Jay Mlawer, David D Turner, Luca Palchetti, Scott Paine, Vivienne Payne, Karen Cady-Pereira, Matthew Alvarado, Rick Pernak, Jennifer Delamer, Martin G Mlynczak

Abstract A239-05


Evaluating consistencies between total column CO2 measurements from OCO-2 and the in-situ network.

Bharat Rastogi, Michael Trudeau, John B. Miller, Lei Hu, Arlyn Andrews, Marikate Ellis Mountain, Thomas Nehrkorn, Kaiyu Guan, and Caroline B Alden.

Abstract A221-0011


Intraseasonal Variability in the Persian Gulf Revealed by GRACE and Altimetry/

Christopher G Piecuch, Ichiro Fukumori, and Rui M Ponte

Abstract G020-05


How Salty Is the Global Ocean: Weighting It All or Tasting It a Sip at a Time?

Rui M Ponte, Qiang Sun, Chao Liu and Xinfeng Liang

Abstract GC095-02


The Impact of Split and Displacement Sudden Stratospheric Warmings on the Troposphere/

Ian White, Chaim Garfinkel, Judah Cohen, Martin Jucker and Jian Rao

Abstract A152-0021