August Corn Forecast

August Corn Forecast

August 3, 2018

Dr. Eric Hunt 

We are pleased to announce the release of AER’s first ever August Corn Yield Forecast. Since we want this information to be of utmost value to consumers and this is our first time offering it, we are offering this report as a free service. In return, we would welcome your feedback. Specifically:

1) Is the format and length of the report ok?

2) Is the information useful? Are there other things that you would like to see in the report?

3) Would a similar report in mid-February and again in the early summer be useful?

4) Are there other agro-climate type reports you would like to see provided that currently are not provided by anyone in industry, government, or university extension?

5) Is this something you would be willing to pay a manageable fee to obtain? What is the best way to get this information to you?

August Corn Yield Forecast



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