John Galantowicz

Senior Manager Verisk AER Science

Get daily maps of flooding in California from FloodScan

By John Galantowicz
January 13, 2023

AER’s FloodScan system has been mapping flooding daily throughout California since early January [1]. Anyone can use the FloodScan data browser to view flood maps and place orders for GIS-compatible GeoTiff files of FloodScan’s products. FloodScan data browser registration is free and requires only a valid email address.   Image 1: FloodScan Maximum Daily Flood Extent Depiction (MFED) product f...

Rainfall from Hurricane Ian floods Florida

By John Galantowicz
October 28, 2022

Hurricane Ian hit Florida on September 28, 2022 as a Category 4 hurricane. Ian’s eye made landfall first on Cayo Costa island around 3:00 pm EDT [1] and on the Florida mainland south of Punta Gordo near Pirate Harbor around 4:30 pm EDT [2]. The National Weather Service’s National Hurricane Center 5:00 pm EDT advisory [3] reported “catastrophic storm surge, winds, and flooding,” maximum sustaine...

Hurricane Ida brings flooding and power outages to Louisiana

By John Galantowicz
September 2, 2021

AER FloodScan Team | September 02, 2021

Hurricane Barry -- Flooding in lower Mississippi Valley

By John Galantowicz
August 21, 2019

AER FloodScan & Hurricane Barry