Kyle Beatty

Canadian insurers discuss emerging risk of electric grid vulnerability from space weather at NICC

By Kyle Beatty
September 24, 2012

SwissRe and AER focus on space weather, grid infrastructure risk and the amount of exposure in today’s electricity-dependent society. For example, a very strong geomagnetic storm in 1989, caused a nine-hour power outage over the whole province of Quebec.

Space Weather Effects on Insurance Risk Management

By Kyle Beatty
April 18, 2012

With society's increasing reliance on the electrical grid, space weather events such as severe solar storms can wreak havoc on the electric power supply and trigger losses from business interruption and damaged physical assets. My recent conversation with Verisk Review covers the impact of space weather events, the financial consequences to insurers, and steps insurers can take to manage and evaluate their exposure. We discussed:

The State of Solar Power Forecasting: Telvent DTN and AER webinar

By Kyle Beatty
November 2, 2011

Utilities in North America will learn the current state of solar power forecasts, what innovations can be expected in the future, and how utilities are benefiting from these solutions to better meet the demands of the Smart Grid. Kyle Beatty, AER VP Business Solutions, will discuss the state of solar power forecasting during Telvent’s Smart Grid Online Seminar Series, on Nov. 9, 2011.